Hennenfent G&D is a Veteran owed business, therefor has great respect for all who have put on the uniform for our country. I believe that all Veterans no matter if they were deployed or not, should have proper identification with a look that represents the freedom they signed up to protect. Our Veteran cards are offered to only REAL Veterans that show proof of service with a DD 214. 


Veteran ID cards will be customized with your well earned awards as well as your branch insignia. Design of card my be changed slightly depending on the number of awards earned. If you are wanting a more customizations with other options we can do that as well. 

    All ID's come with printed verification of service on the back of the cards. Since we require a DD-214 to purchase a Veterans card the proof of that will be printed on it. To the right, is the image that is printed on the back of every card. The standard ID comes with your own ribbons, your photo, DOB and a Barcode.


Free Shipping On All Veteran ID's!!

No Graphic setup fee for extra customized ID's

Veteran ID Cards

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  •  The Veteran ID Card produced by Hennenfent Graphics & Design is not an official State or Federal government ID card. Not for the lack of trying to get it recognized by state or government, but looking out for the process and low price for Veterans. The Veteran ID Card is not to be used for official military business. DD 214's given as proof of service are not stored or kept by Hennenfent G&D to cut down your risk of security issues. If you feel the process with your DD 214 is still not safe, Please contact us below and let us know that in the comment box and we can find another way to make you feel safe.

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