8oz Vinyl Mesh Banner

Our heavy duty 8 oz mesh banners are ideal when wind conditions are a consideration. Mesh banners are perfectly suited for enormous images and are perfect for draping across building frontage by covering windows and not loosing too much sunlight and can be used for construction site banners and protective barriers for scaffolding.


The Mesh Banner Material has small holes,  37% air‐flow through which will allow the wind to dissipate, in effect allowing wind to dissolve thru the banner material. The wind dispersion means that your mesh banner sign can be used outdoor in all kinds of weather. This economical light weight material can be printable on one side up to 196" seamless.


Larger sections can be welded together making it ideal for building, stadium and fence wraps




Pole Pockets


Can be welded together to have very long and wide mesh banners

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